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About MetroCITI

The Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement (MetroCITI) seeks to improve and enrich teaching in the general/liberal education curricula of high-diversity colleges and universities throughout the New York metropolitan area. Through year-long seminars, we work with expert instructors (MetroCITI fellows) to develop and disseminate approaches to teaching that help students surface and use what they know already – personally and culturally – to explore disciplinary ideas, especially those that promise to advance strivings for “the good” in students’ lives and communities.

Mission of MetroCITI

We believe that liberal learning is of vital importance to students’ academic success, and more broadly, to their abilities to contribute – occupationally, socially, intellectually, and ethically – to the workplaces, communities, and societies that, in adulthood, they can help create, support, and lead. The general/liberal education courses that students take in college are meant to broaden students’ world views, incite their creativity, help them learn to express themselves effectively, and teach them to think critically, generatively, and ethically. MetroCITI (the Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement) seeks to help college teachers make the coursework of the liberal education curriculum compelling, inspiring, and engaging to foster students’ learning and growth.

As a multi-campus institute for instructional development, MetroCITI strives to strengthen teaching in the liberal education curricula of high-access urban colleges serving large numbers of first-generation learners.  MetroCITI works with college instructors identified as expert teachers in liberal education (fellows), to articulate, improve, and diversify a range of teaching practices from which they and their campus colleagues can draw to offer students rich liberal learning experiences.